Woman in climbing gear in the forest
High rope course Saalbach Hinterglemm
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Climbers and the brave in the high rope park

Cimbers, adrenaline-junkies and the brave - high-rope-park & flying fox in Saalbach Hinterglemm

You'd say, that you are brave? You have never heard of fear of heights and you feel totally comfortable in the height? Then you definitely have to visit the high-rope-park and the flying-fox in Saalbach Hinterglemm. The Europe-slide and the flying-fox take you 100 meters up in the air - sounds like something for you?

Totally safe up in the air

Hidden in the forest of Saalbach Hinterglemm there is the high-rope-park –There you can show, that you are a real climber. Guides show you the basics of a trip through the high-rope-park. Safety first. And then it is your turn - one step after the other - better not look down. Power and endurance are good - the way through the trees is long. There is time to relax on the rope-slides.

High speed throug the valley

That is the credo of the europe-slide in Saalbach Hinterglemm. A few years ago, the Hinterglemmers opened the most impressive rope-slide with more than 2 kilometers distance - you will reach more than 70 kilometers/hour on your ride. Your safety comes first. You need to show some courage, when you fly up in the air or climb from tree to tree.

You have to try this:

  • Rope slides with a maximum distance of 2 kilometers
  • All in all 30-40 Stops - you need power and skills
  • Medium difficulty - not the most difficult park, you can find
  • You will cross the river a few times on rope slides with 500 meters
  • You will get back with the KTM-Skybike
  • Professional guides care for your safety

There is an easy way too - up in the trees

Have you met the green dwarfs of Saalbach Hinterglemm? Ok, they are no dwarfs – we are talking about the Baumzipflweg-visitors, who wear the funny green caps. Visitors wear the hats even in summer, because they love the Baumzipflweg all year long. Especially families with kids like the path through the trees. You can't miss it, turn left over the "golden gate bridge of the Alps" and you will be right in the middle of the Baumzipflweg.

Golden Gate Bridge in the Alps

Over the bridge you will get to the Baumzipflweg within minutes. By the way - it is the most famous theme path through the trees in the Alps - and it's the highest too. The path through the trees starts at the parking lot near the Lindlingalm. The path is 2 kilometers long and takes you to the world of the forest with its meadows, trees, pastures - everybody can learn about the natural landscapes of the alps.


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