We relax in the forest
We relax in the forest
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Forest wellness Saalbach Hinterglemm

Relaxing please - in the forest

The forest has its own magic. So it is written and we can sign it 100%, when we first walked the Waldwellenss path, we immediately incorporated a yoga session. But what exactly is forest wellness? We'll take a closer look here and now.

The forest on the Reiterkogel is over 200 years old. An old-venerable place where you can relax perfectly. At 1,700 m above sea level, 1,000 spruces invite you to relax in their shade. We breathe fresh air, we feel the peace and immediately notice how good the good air and the scent of the spruces are.

Positive effect - science underpins

The forest not only converts the CO₂ from our breathing air into the purest oxygen, the green   of the forest has also been proven to affect our physical well-being. According to science, a forest bath creates a real BOOST for our immune system. A whole day in the forest increases the body's own killer cells by 40% and these push diseased cells out of our body. Positive effects of visits to the forest last up to 7 days. Really sounds like the forest is a health center that we should definitely visit.

Do you know the feeling?

You go into the forest and the stress immediately subsides. This feeling can also be proven biochemically. The two stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline drop significantly after a day in the forest. Here you can be who you are. That is called being-way in psychology. Expectations, worries and stress simply fall away and you become more creative, new solutions simply fly to you. The fascination with nature captivates the mind in a pleasant way and also improves the ability to concentrate.

In addition, the forest air has a preventive effect against many diseases by strengthening and increasing the specific immune cells. As with saunas, white blood cells are activated when bathing in the forest. This strengthens the immune system in the fight against pathogens. The natural forest environment also works against cardiovascular diseases, sleep disorders and depression.

Forest wellness in detail:

  • A contrast to our normal life
  • We let the scent of the forest work on us
  • We relax in the hammocks
  • We rummage in the forest library
  • We enjoy a picnic in nature
  • TIP: Pre-order a picnic basket at the Reiteralm
  • A yoga session on the platforms cannot hurt
  • A stay in the forest refreshes body and mind on all levels!


You want to experience the forest wellness trail up close? Then contact us today, send us a non-binding inquiry or book online. You can reach us by phone at Tel.No. +43 6541 6324.